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stop gossiping

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this has gotten pretty out of control lately with 5 girls living together. we talk about pretty much everyone. its even gotten us into trouble within the room. i do however admire my one roommate amanda..i really never hear her participate in any of it..i really wish i could be like that.


ugh..and this hasnt gotten better..i need to stop this!


ive noticed that since ive been home and not in the dorm setting..i dont gossip really at all..even when i hang out with my friends from home..i guess its because there isnt that day to day drama..yet..i’ll give it some time..ive only been home a couple of days.


ive been doing somewhat better with this..i mean..theres still much to improve..but its a start..ive been alot more conscious of it since adding it..like sometimes i’ll go to say something about someone..and i’ll really think about the fact that i just shouldnt..its not that important. and you know..i never regret NOT saying it.


i never know when and where to draw the line..

any advice?


alot of the time im not even trying to be mean..its just soo easy to talk about others..it gives you something to talk about..some common ground..which is awful..i mean..i would think im a better conversationalist than that..im pretty sure i can talk about other things. ive always known gossip gets you in trouble because changes are..the person who is also participating in the gossip likes to gossip as well..so other people will find out..and alot of the times the person you were talking about will find out..and it gets ugly..but lately my little comments to people have been making me put my foot in my mouth. its getting ridiculous..and it needs to stop. so..no more gossip for me..its going to be hard. but i can do it..

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