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learn to SCUBA dive

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Worth it!

Seriously…. a cheap way to flying as you can totally imagine what it would be like to fly. Not stopping here though, at least I’m gonna do Night Dive, Cave Dive and Shipwreck Dive!

Certified Open Water Diver, baby!

I’m done I’m done.
Did my exam on saturday and my temporary diver card until my real one arrives in mail! :D
4 Years of waiting and finally i can cross it off my list!

Tioman weekend dive

Open water dive training 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5!
It was unbeliavable… The first two I was a little miserable because I wasn’t used to equalizing and the right ear was painful. But onwards it was easy! Down blow down blow down blow.

Things I saw: Turtles, Stingrays, Squids, Car wreck, Cute divers in tights lol. And the feeling of flying is great. Summersaults, dancing under water. Hmmmm….

The only thing left: 1) Do my exam 2) Get my card.

I would definitely do this more often and maybe get myself an Advanced Open Water? Hmmm….

Paid! (ka-ching)

I am much poorer this week.
Why? caused i Finally put down that money for this weekend’s dive. Yay!
It will be to Tioman island, about 3-4 hours drive from Singapore into Malaysia. Can’t wait can’t wait.

There’s gonna be a total of 12 people on the trip. As my dive instructor said “Wicked wicked”

Theory (check!) Pool dive (check!)

Got my PADI book last Friday and have munched it up by Saturday.
Sunday went for a pool dive with Tommi and Bart.
I think I float naturally… Must put on more weight.

*I just got my medical health check result. On hindsight, I realize why I float easily… I have a 29.7% body fat! lol…. (recommended is 17-24)

Still waiting for the confirmation.

On the week where I was supposed to put in my deposit for a one week certification course next month, my roomate came to the picture.

She is going to Tioman for a weekend diving trip and one of her diving buddies, is a dive master. Eastern europe dive master… hm….

Anyways, the guy (who is currently jobless therefore very very helpful… Thank you!) agreed to do my certification course. My original diving buddies included.

But as he is not working with any diving centers, he need to buy the manuals and do some arrangements. Said he’ll let me know Monday. Can’t wait.

1st step

Found classes for $500-$550 for singapore training + weekend malaysia dive. Got 2 people who are also interested, Ashwin and Tomi. Just sent them the details and suggested 2 weeks end of march, mid april.

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