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Learn the Napoleon Dynamite dance

2 cheers


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Back at work...

...and almost every time I walked past someone in the hallway this morning, they’d tell me how great the dance was. :D

Oh man.

That was awesome. Everyone loved us, and we totally nailed it. After the show, the MC started to do an applause-meter-type thing, and I’m pretty sure the cheers for us were the loudest, but before they could decide on a winner the CEO said that everyone was great and we should all get a prize. But I know we were the best, and that’s what counts, right? ;) And it was SO much fun. I still have my “Vote For Pedro” t-shirt on…

I've learned it...

I’ll have to post later on whether we win the talent show for it!

The show is this Friday...

...and my coworkers and I are working hard to get the tougher moves down (such as “Ride the Snake” and “Crouching Llama, Hidden Emu”). I think we’re gonna blow ‘em away! :D

I'm doing this with my boss and coworker for our company's xmas party talent show...

Hell yeah…three girls making complete idiots of ourselves in front of the whole company. I have to learn this by December 15th. Anyone got any tips on the best way to learn it? I’ve watched the video, “Learn to dance with Napoleon Dynamite”...should I just watch the actual movie scene, or are there any other sites out there that would be helpful?

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