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Get creative this fall/winter to beat depression/anxiety


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Mantra update

The Mantra has really helped. I am also using journaling to contain my anxiety and things that worry me. Cutting back on the caffeine didn’t hurt either:)


I am safe. I am calm. I am loved.

Reminder for coffee limits.

Here is the reminder:

The List (a work in progress)

1. needle felting a Nativity.
2. knitting myself a sweater, shawl or large chunky scarf.
3. writing- themes: devotional, working through some things from the past, comedy and fun stuff, work on cat blog again
4. photography
5. drawing: #1 coffee monster as a reminder of coffee limits, cats, cartoons, dinosaurs, animals, study guide for the big test in two years.

Getting Started: The Plan

1. Remind myself daily why I am taking these steps:

I have control over little decisions in my life that can impact bigger parts of my life.
I love myself and my family.
I am creative and inspiring. (this could use some work)

2. Limit caffeine in†ake:

Destroy coffee reward coupons. (buy 5 get 6th free, etc.)
Make coffee less accessible.
Place reminders in my car and in my calendar of my goals.
Find another comfort beverage. Mint Tea? Pumpkin something? (Ideas are welcome here.)

3. Make a creative list of projects or activities that I want to accomplish.

4. Begin work on The List.

5. Go to bed at a decent time.

Getting Started: The problem

So every fall/winter I begin to notice patterns of when I start feeling down and jittery. It has started in the past couple of weeks with an increase in my caffeine consumption. I had given caffeine up for Lent and was doing great after Easter with limiting my caffeine intake to 2-3 caffeinated drinks per week. For at least the past two weeks, I have increased this to 1 per day. I’m starting to feel more tired, more jittery and less alert. Complete opposite effect than I wanted. So I’m going to create a plan before this spirals out of control like it has in past years and I end up feeling down most of the time.
Now for the plan…


I want to:
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