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Hot chocolate

Hadn’t drank a hot chocolate in something like 30 years (bad experience) so I had one today, in a place where they do them with real chocolate. It was ok, nice, just liquid chocolate really, and quite filling. Glad I did it though


Had a shared lunch where somebody brought some caviar. My first reaction was ‘I don’t like cavir’ which was a decision I took as a kid, when I found it disgusting. Habits.. I just decided to try it and ended up loving it!! And going for more…


Re3ally need to keep that one in mind. With no work in the future weeks, I want to diversify my experiences, taste what the day is going to be like, let things or people in and give me a different perspective of what life can be.


Why is it so difficult to go off the bl… usual tracks!!! There so many great, weird and new things to do in the world and I feel like getting seriously stuck


Does not need to be mind-blowing, just something getting me out of routine et predictability

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