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Only wear clothes / accessories which make me feel really good

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in the process of!

I found out that ‘my colours’ are autumnal and it really makes a difference on how i carry the clothes, e.g. blue just doesn’t fit me.

So.. clearing anything that is not nice on me, anything I have seen for way too long, and hopefully will be left with a few things, and add more stuf slowly! More important is to feel good in the clothes and that the clothes are good on me, not that they are nice in the shop. I know, elementary but it took me a long time to realise this!

Got nice warm pullover

looks a bit baggy but i love the shape (goes down almost to my knees), it is very soft and warm. Thank god i don’t think too much at times, I just love the colour too!


hey, got a cute pair! really pleased with them and i feel good wearing them


Really pleased – bought a nice sexy top, so differetn than the usual stuff i buy!


I want to do a ‘clothe-session’ tomorrow, where I’ll go into shops and try new things whcih I would usually never set my eyes on, and just try them on to see how they feel, toi see myself with new eyes, and also to see what would be nice with what!! I want to be more daring, and find really nice stuff


Actually, I’d love to develop a style (fashion un-related) and try stuff a bit more original / daring / fun / colourful


Well, I got a nice skirt which suits me very well but I keep going back to those bloody jeans!!


Making the effort of searching and buying a variety and combination of nice clothes which suit me, make me feel good about myself (non baggy and original) and which I can use in a variety of weather. Also have ENOUGH clothes for different moods, situations, including enough shoes if a pair gets wet… THIS ALSO INCLUDES TO STOP WEARING JEANS ALL THE TIME

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