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4/4 - got a rejection

I’ve got 8 weeks to appeal and I’m going to do it.

how can I get employment verification from my former employer???

Danish authorities require an employer declaration that I worked at such and such position, performed such and such responsibilities and that my working language was English. I prepared entire letter myself, sent it to my former employer 8 days ago…All she needs is to sign it and sent it to the address of my friends in the US…still there is no response as to whether she has received it or not, whether she plans on signing it or not, etc. I really don’t know what to do.

P.S. Done.

Masterpost for application process

1. 9/23 – scheduled an appointment in the embassy for 10/7.
2. 9/23 – found someone, who will bring employer description from NYC on 10/5.
3. 9/23 – sent a request to provide updated documents to a paralegal in Copenhagen.
4. 10/03 – got in touch with several officials at my former job (which I was really nervous about, truth to be told. The guy was on honeymoon, but should be back this week.)
5. 10/5 appointment in the Danish embassy. Made a decision to apply from home country rather than changing a visa status in Denmark.
6. 10/18—found an old passport requested by an embassy earlier.
7. 10/19—open bank account and made a deposit of funds, required for my type of visa. Basically all my savings at the moment.
8. Nov – asked my teacher of Danish for help. During 4 of our lessons of Danish, I wrote a request for verification for my former employer, called to a notary, called to an embassy, cold to my Russian University, sent an e-mail to a lawyer, counted pointed required to obtain a visa; asked my friends in the US to collect letters for me; called to DHL to clarify how I can ship from the US. Then I followed up and went to University and got a transcript; found a notary and translator, obtained bank statement and submitted it for a translation. Now I’m waiting and waiting for an employment authorization. She does not even respond to me, I don’t know what to do. I asked my friend, who communicates with her to follow up bit still have not heard from her.
12/11 – submitted request for verification to another partner, who answered immediately! arrange receipt of shipment with my American friends and DHL
12/18 – received a courier mail from DHL. Made colour copies of all documents.
12/20, 12/13 – I think I wrote at least 5 copies of visa application. Hopefully this one will work.
12/23 – submitted a set of documents to an embassy. done with fingerprinting as well.

9/19/13 - new passport

Finally got my passport, which I applied for more than a year ago. It’s valid for 10 years. Nice.


5/12/2013 found the website with a forum information

ready to work on it

I don’t know what has changed in my mind - or anywhere else - but I’m ready to act on it. Bring it in.

God only knows how scared am I to start this process

I’m so much behind that I would have to leave the country any way, and wait for all the decisions outside. If I can only find courage to start doing it. This is my home, I’ve been here 11+ years, I worked so hard. I sacrificed so much. I have so much plans for this life. God, if you are there, please help me. Please.

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