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Make the most of my 20's

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family conversation

My mom, sister, and I were together one night a few weeks ago (which is easy to do because we all work together) and they asked how I was when I walked in the door. After thinking about it for a moment, I answered “I’m pretty content.”
I really think that’s what this goal means. To be content with the choices you make about your life.
Yeah, there are some things I’d like to do that I’m not in a place where it’s possible, but I’m not ruling anything out.
I have good friends I stay in touch with, I’m working to pay my bills, I’m trying to get through school, and I love my family (for the most part, anyway wink)

All I have to do

is decide what this will mean to me… I mean, I have time to decide, I only turned 20 in October, but I need to figure out what’s important to me, and what “making the most of it” means to me.

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