firepoppy in Newcastle is doing 18 things including…

stop procrastinating

18 cheers


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Done well today too. I mopped the kitchen floor which I’d been putting off for ages and while I had the mop out I did the toilet and bathroom floors too.


Did some decluttering in my old bedroom at my parents’ house today. I was very ruthless and it was a lot easier than it’s ever been before. Partly because of all the things I’ve been reading on decluttering lately but mainly because all my possesions that are there I don’t use frequently because they’d be here if I did. I’ve been living without those things for a few months so I can probably live without them.


So far today I’ve spent 45 mins cleaning. 15 in the living room and 30 in the kitchen. After my break I’m gonna tackle the bathroom. I can do anything 15 minutes at a time! I love !


Today I need to:

go to the post office, and
clean and tidy the flat.

I also should:

write my CV,
read some un-read emails, and
do some laundry.


I’ve found some good websites on this:


Today I am backing up my itunes and cleaning up my room a little.


I’ve added “do one thing I’ve been putting off” as a goal I want to do daily on I’m using that site to track my weightloss goals and other goals too. I love this site so I can write entries about each goal, but I like how over there they have check boxes.

Today I found my passport and cleaned Frankie’s bathroom.

DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Yes! I AM tidying my room! I’ve done the main floor area between the door and the bed and on the bed and a lot of the floor area between my bed and the TV. But I’ve ran out of boxes. My Dad will be home in an hour then we are going to buy more boxes!

I’ve also paid my credit card bill today.


I still procrastinate a lot and I’ve just made a post about growing my nails long, and I said I would use maximum growth more often, so I’m painting it onto my nails right now!


I need to stop procrastinating. I bought a book about how to beat procrastination, called “Eat That Frog” but I’ve put off reading it!

firepoppy has gotten 18 cheers on this goal.


I want to:
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