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stop being so shy

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I’m actually more outgoing on the phone with close friends, b/c I’m especially shy about my appearance. Its kind of like a guard for me. Weird I know, but does anyone else feel this way?

PRETEND (be the person you want to be)

I’ve really found that other people don’t NEED to know that you are shy. In fact, it is better NOT to focuse on yourself or your faults at all! This will only make you worry and you will become even more shy. So when going out with friends, pretend you’re not shy.
Fake it until you make it! I’m slowly improving with this, my main problem is I don’t have many friends, so its really difficult for me to get any practice. I’m going to do this when the school year starts, I think that focusing on others and being geniuinly interested in them will help my self confidence and esteem too!!

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