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use my wetsuit to swim in the ocean

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Starting next week I'm going to practice putting it on every day until I get it right!

I can never seem to get the legs on just right – the crotch always stays just like three or four inches below where it should…well, not always, before I was having a harder time than that, so there’s been improvement. Besides, I ordered a guy’s size large tall…there is no way the thing is too small.

So yes, as soon as I’m back from my trip next week I’m going to put the wetsuit on every single day, practice practice practice, until I finally get it right and can hop into the ocean. It could conceivably be fall by the time I make this happen but people are out here all year ‘round…as a matter of fact that’ll be just the time of year when most people who aren’t as sensitive to the cooler waters along my portion of the coast will start to consider wearing their wetsuits, so I won’t even look silly.

Practiced putting it on

Good gravy it’s hard.

Hummingbird Medicine has gotten 30 cheers on this goal.


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