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A reason a day why I love my husband for the next 365 days

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flutter is full of wonder has written 161 entries about this goal


because he take care of me when I’m sick


because he’s not ashamed to carrying my purse when I just want to keep my hands in my pockets and keep them warm.


Because he intercepted my MiL who wanted to talk (and spent time with her) when he saw her coming to talk during my study time.


because he tells me to go study


because he rushes down to the store just to get me some water


because he believes I can do it


because he didn’t forget my birthday…
even when I did


Because he found the hiden child in me
And made her laugh


Because he text me silly messages that make me smile


because every year we fall more in love.

How is it possible that the excitement of his homecoming or the butterfly when he walks in the room only get worse after 29 1/2 yrs of marriage?

flutter is full of wonder has gotten 43 cheers on this goal.


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