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find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

30 cheers


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  • homemade beef soup with homemade noddles :)
  • doing better on a test than I thought
  • bedtime :D

  • a soft kiss on the cheek from my dh before he leaves the room
  • a secret note from my daughter telling me she loves me hidden in my school books
  • a quiet moment alone in prayer
  • gentle rain hitting the top of my roof that makes me think of a friend

  • a $100 gift card in the mail.. I knew it was coming, but.. perfect timing. God provides!
  • finding out I’m doing even better in my classes than I thought
  • no extra homework in class today so I had extra time to study for mid-terms AND got to squeeze in a special dinner with my dh and grand daughter
  • my kitty curled up on my bed


I am happy tonight because I feel like I FINALLY made some headway in my studies.

I’m thankful for a God that is greater than my weaknesses.

I’m thankful that my worth doesn’t depend on my grade in school but on my value in the eyes of my God… who showed my my worth when He gave His life for mine.


Today I’m glad today is over and I have an hour to relax with my son before bed.
and then I’ll be thankful for sleep… I’ve very tired


a hot bath with my dh after a LONG study day

Quiet time

after a busy day… week… it was nice to have a quiet couple of hours with my dh cuddling up and watching a movie


for the wonderful church that God has lead us too

I got to sleep in today

after a full week of school it was nice to have a day off with family

hello 5B

I had a most enjoyable conversation with the nicest gentlemen on my flight today

flutter is full of wonder has gotten 30 cheers on this goal.


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