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Find my birth father

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2 years is a long time to NOT write an entry

well 2 years is kinda a long time, but then so is 30 years…..I will be 30 in March shit, I wrote it, its real now…..anyway. 30 years yea yea, it may not seem that long to some people, you know the older than me people.
thinking back to when I found out my ‘dad’ wasn’t MY dad. besides that point that I was like 4-ish…..yea years old.. anyways, my mom told me many stories about how she met him, or what happened, and his ‘promise’ to find me when I turned 18.well point of MY story is I am well over 18, sure I have a different last name, moved a few times you still can find ANYONE< dur the Internet can get you anywhere. well that is my ‘update’ on this ‘thing’.

ok isn't she sweet.

This is baby Amylynn…I mentioned in another comment about scars and birthmarks, that I would post a baby pic….So I was thinking what better place to post it under than this….finding my birth father.

Hey what ever works. oh and sorry for the pic quality.

I have put this out of mind (again)

for the time being, I just think too much and play these scenes in my head, and the what if game, I then think if it was “meant” to be, it will.


I have a name, and some addresses from the white pages, a story from my mom, and the support of my boyfriend. How do I go about it? I started writing this letter. about what I know and what i want out of just to meet this man. I was going to send it to all the names and addresses I have and see what becomes of it… I need to know that is one major thing I want to do before I die. I don’t want to regret not finding out, no matter if its a good outcome or otherwise… I expect anything could happen…...

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