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go through my things, get rid of or donate anything I am not using

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yea I am a good

girl, I have another trip to make, 4 more bags, and it’s not even for a tax write off, tho that helps out nicely. what am I going to do with all these things anyway? give them to someone who has nothing or few things.
I will continue to do this but as for now I am checking this done for the year.

I have finally done it,

I took the stuff out of my trunk and donated it…..yea! now I am continueing to find things I don’t need anymore, I have a whole new pile starting.


this is always work in progress…..I started school right, and have been losing weight, and now all the clothes I once loved and wore often no longer fit….so I donate them and start over…recylce !

I have lost weight

more than I though tI would, yea I am happy somewhat, I got rid of some waist and toned in my legs and arms, but lost some butt, and breasts. that part I AM not happy with….so point of story, I have some clothes to donate, b/c none of them fit :( I like quite a few shirts I like the pants, and can not find the style anymore, I love re-sale stores so I do look but now finding my size. :( I have to go through ALL MY CLOTHES NOW, summer winter, and in between. I can never win.


this weekend the boys came by 4 plus mine total 5 they played in the pool so they got wet, I gave some clothes away I did good. I have 5 black bags of stuff!

I am working on

this this week I have been going through the girls closet and putting ALL her clothes she doesn’t wear in bags. My son has his bag of clothes he either won’t wear or is too small for him…me I have soo many different sizes, I am getting rid of those soon.These bags will be in my trunk for awhile, I have this thing with finishing the taks, I get sidetracked a lot.

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