fokerella in Trieste is doing 35 things including…

get a tattoo that has a significant meaning

5 cheers


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Done again!

Here it is, my second tattoo.

I'm not a miracle

Soooooo i’ve done it!
It’s marvellous!
I got tattooed it on the shoulder and on the neck.
I really love it :)
It hurt a bit on the neck, but the part on the shoulder was such a pleasure, after one minute… You know, the vibrations, good vibrations!
I can’t wait to have another one done!
Here it is the Tattoo!
It’s from a song of Damien Rice :)

Tattoo's coming.

I’m so happy you can’t imagine!
I really need a tattoo atm, my body needs it.
Since I have 4 piercings healing now, I cannot have another one.
But what about a tattoo?
Ohhh I really can’t wait!
I booked it for the 2nd July.
Exactly, A MONTH LEFT!
yay \o/

I'm not a miracle.

That’s the tattoo.
I finally found an interesting tattoo artist in Bologna that will be MY tattoer.
So now I only have to book a day for the tattoo. Almost done!
I can’t waiiiiiiit!

Yay \ò/

I found MY tattoo.
I won’t tell before doing it, but it’s a piece of a song by Damien Rice, dunno if you know him :)
I also found where i should have it, it’s in Grado, not far from Trieste, the city i’m from..
Now the problem is: finding money! :D

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