foralltime in Winnipeg is doing 15 things including…

create more art

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“losing vision, lost her sight.
it is a feeling, once thought is manifest;
touch, it’s tangible.
pain is no more real,
unless real is the person to witness strain.
it is truth though,
that once life is shared,
it seeks a being from which sharing comes.
and when sharing does not knock;
to see, to feel,
means all the less.”

“the silence is more than the everything we cannot articulate.
in silence, the unimaginable dream takes flight.”

[my art is words… sharing them makes me uncomfortably vulnerable.]


sometimes i mistake some of my words for words from the books i have read. because of this i believe my words could be in books.

i think belief in your ability to create is half of the equation to accomplishing this.
i do believe, today.


i love art.
but, something is always holding me back.
it’s a shame my heart craves expression through such a subjective form. i suppose security of self comes before expression can feel safe.

formulating ideas, expressing ideas, always with new ideas…
i wont stop myself forever.

foralltime has gotten 17 cheers on this goal.


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