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clean my room and keep it clean

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The finish line is officially in view! My floor is clean and clutter free, my vanity is re-organized, my bed is made to perfection, and my closets are clean. I just have to clean out and re-organize my desk and everything will be completely perfect! Yes, how amazing it feels to be in a clean, organized room. I sleep better at night when it is clean, I swear. I don’t know why, but having everything in order really…. calms me.

Good luck everyone! I am hoping to finish by 1 o’clock in the morning XD. When I am done, I will do a weekly check in every Friday in the month of August to tell you how I am doing. If my room remains “clean” (clean most of the time), then I will have completed this goal, at long last!

Once again, good luck guys, I hope that you can clean up your rooms too!

xoxo, H.

Full cleaning~

Clean sweep is what I am going for. Lately my room has been getting… filthy. Litter everywhere, clothes never put away. I want to do a huge clean out today, and keep it clean for the entire month of August. Only then will I be able to mark this goal, finally, as completed.

Today I am going to clean my room and organize until it literally freakin sparkles. I need to have an order and list of what I am going to do.

*Make bed – this pretty much explains itself. A made bed is one of the best things you can do to make a room feel cleaner
*Pick up everything off the floor, and put it on my bed.
*Sort those piles into groups, and do what is necessary (groups such as clean clothes, dirty laundry, garbage, and siblings items)
*Vaccuum and steam clean the rug so it is completely fresh.
*Organize both of my closets so I can finally do something with them.

This list is definitely going to take some time, but I am willing to put some effort forwards. I want my room to be completely clean, always for when the school year rolls around.

I’ll check in in a few hours to tell you all how I am doing!

xoxo, H.

I would...

I would mark this goal as done… it is almost always very clean. But my room still feels… not completely perfect. This goal will be done once I am finished redecorating and everything is perfect and organized.

xoxo, H.

Clean for a while..

My room is clean right now.. Feeling pretty good about that, and I have been keeping up on laundry too… I just need to fold and put away some items and it will be completely clean.

I’ve found that the easiest way to keep it clean is to do some cleaning every single night, like part of your nightly “ritual” before going to sleep.

xoxo, H.

Room clean!

My room got a bit messy there for a while… about two weeks. The laundry kept piling up and piling up! Anyway, it feels so good to be back on track! If my room is clean and organized, it will be that much easier to re-decorate my room when the time comes… any ideas anyone?

Been 2 weeks.

I’d say that I have had my room clean for about 2 weeks now. It’s easier than I thought it would be, as it has just become part of my nightly ritual. Brush hair, teeth, wash face, then clean room. Simple. It’s all a matter of keeping up with it. I wouldn’t say I’m quite done yet, but I’m getting there.


I’ve had my room clean for only a day, but already its gotten some good feedback from my parents (“raise in allowance?” Still no. hehe) and even from my friends, who have come over and seen how nice my room looks. It feels good. But it certainly doesn’t mean that it will stay that way all by itself.

Room all clean!!!

Okay, so here I begin. I have cleaned my room to the max. It is all shiny and organized, and I spent a few days doing it too! The hard part, and I know this, is going to be keeping it clean. My worst problem is clothes and laundry, and my bed, but I can handle that, I hope. I want my room to be clean because I am so sick of being embarrassed when people walk in, of shoving the dirty underwear under the bed or throwing the bra in the corner. As part of my new-and improved, revamped life, I want a clean room.

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