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Kiss in the rain

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Delaware Love?

In a mere 35 hours, I am going to be heading off to Delaware with my friend for a week. We are going to be renting a house with her family, and her parents friends family. There will be a few boys there… no one that I would ever be interested in, but there will be boys… in the same house… hehe. I am hoping to make a cute boyfriend/fling on this trip… and maybe finally get that perfect kiss in the rain!!! I must check the forecast in Delaware… God, please let it rain for ONE DAY! Or night… night is possibly even better!

I am so excited. I am pretty sure I wont meet anyone my age, but there is always hope, right?! Good luck guys. Never give up hope, XD. Wait it out; is my advice for everyone, including myself. “One day my prince will come!”

xoxo, H.


This is just a little inspiration for those of us who are feeling blue, like this will never happen… It will! Just wait!


Ever since I was younger and saw “The Notebook”, I have wanted to do this. I remember saying to my friend, “I want to do that, I want to kiss in a storm like that!”

How romantic, really! First, however, I need to find a guy to kiss!!!

xoxo, H.

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