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Travel to Greece


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I made it!

I completed my six week study abroad course in Greece, and let me tell you it was amazing. The people were friendly, food great, and terrain gorgeous. I miss Greece already and I just came home on Saturday.

I climbed the steps up to the Acropolis
Visited the Parthenon
Rode boats to Greek Islands
Took a trip to Turkey
Ate Greek salads constantly
Swam in the Mediterranean
Lived in an apartment in Athens
Went hiking in Samos
Climbed up to the monasteries at Meteora
Partied at clubs in Turkey
Visited the ancient site of Troy!
Saw the Trojan horse used in the movie Troy
Smoked hookah and a Turkish Hookah bar
Ate Turkish Delights
Tried Gelato – homemade banana
Made a trip to Spartaaaaa
Saw the tomb of Philip II
Followed the Trail of Alexander
Took a ferry across the Hellespont
Crossed the Granicus
Navigated Thessaloniki
Shopped in Plaka
Drank from the scared stream in Delphi
Ran in an Olympic Track
Successfully navigated the tram
Never saw it rain once, in six weeks!
Saw the Byzantine city of Mystras
Survived the 8-9 hour plane ride on Olympic
Lived without my cell phone
Made amazing friends
Fell in love with free breakfast at the Hotels

...and have so many amazing memories that I will never forget. This was my first time to Europe and I cannot wait until my next trip, which I’m going to start saving up for right away!

Two Weeks

In just two weeks I’ll be leaving for Greece for six weeks on a study abroad program. I’m really excited, but really nervous at the same time since this is my first time to Europe. I just hope things go smoothly and I don’t become too homesick, or culture shocked.

It’s been crazy around here lately because I have finals next week, so I’m trying to study for those and prepare for my trip. I still have to get a physical and pack…I can’t believe it is happening so soon!


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