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This summer

I’m going to go to Korea (hopefully), Taiwan and Japan. :) I had originally planned to go to Taiwan for a year but G’s sister is getting married at the end of October now so I have to come home before that, or miss it but I really don’t want to, or find enough money to buy another set of tickets. But I think it’s the first option since tickets are at least $1000 each way from Toronto to Taiwan. It’s probably the best time I’ll have in a long time to travel since I’ll have just graduated from University (OMG), so before I start trying to get into some sort of film/wardrobe union I’m going to enjoy life and experience something new!

Hey, if anyone has any info on working in Taiwan (maybe teaching English or something) I’d love to talk to you :)


Going to Vegas on the 26th for my best friend’s 21st (and her Mom’s 50th!)...this trip has been planned for a very long time (at least 10 years!) so it should be lots of fun. :)

And next summer when I finish school…what a scary thought…I’m planning to go to Taiwan for at least a month, Korea to visit my friend and hopefully Japan. My Dad gave me some “fatherly advice” to go and stay with my family in Taiwan for a year, saying it won’t harm my career at all etc etc, which I am really thinking about. I could always teach English or best case scenario do something in fashion/costume.

Want to go back!

I can’t stop thinking about Taiwan and how much I loved it there. Always something to do, so much to look at, and half of my family is there and I’d really like to get to know them better. Seriously thinking about either taking a year off and going to teach English or something, or maybe after I’m finished my degree hopefully getting a job there in fashion/costume or even just going to teach English anyway. Hmm.

I want to

go on a trip at least once a year.

This year I’m going to Alberta for a week with my boyfriend to visit some friends I made in Kenya, and to Arizona (and probably into Mexico for a couple days, we’re staying like 15 minutes from the border) for a leadership/facilitation training trip.

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