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stop swearing


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Swear jar

Thanks to whoever suggested it here..
Well.. I was doing a thing where I’d pen little dots on my arm every time I swore and pay it back at the end of the day (10c each) but that got a bit awkward and difficult to track after a week or two weeks so I’m not sure if I’ve had much progress. I just shrug and put heaps of money in my ‘stop bl**dy swearing!’ jar. At least some charity will be pleased!
Also, I’ve increased my usage of the words ‘Gosh’, ‘Wow’ and ‘Yikes’. :)

I'm atrocious!

I don’t know what to do!
I try to correct myself but..


I stopped swearing very frequently, towards the end of last year. But now, the more I try to curb it, the more it slips out! I adore words and want to be able to instantly call upon the mot juste without resorting to swear words. Why is this so engrained?

I guess it’s especially hard because I don’t want to compromise. Making visceral (?) noises (e.g. “Gah!”) is primitive, and using phonetically similar euphemisms (?) (e.g. “Mothertrucker!”) is irritatingly pointless (nobody’s fooled).

I’ve been saying “Curses!” a little bit.
“A plague on your house!” doesn’t work as well.


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