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I did it again!

No! No no no.

Once again, I was asked if I could work today, I said no, I already had plans.

I am so proud of me right now. I’m not going to bend over backwards for a job that’s just a job, and not even permanent at that.

If people don’t show for their shifts, it’s not my problem. Besides, I’m working both Saturday and Sunday, and I’ll need the break.

The first step

This is how the conversation generally went down:

Work: Can you work tonight?
Me: I’m really sorry, but no.


Sure, I span some bullshit about my partner having booked tickets for something, and sure, technically speaking I don’t have plans tonight. But I said no, because I already said I’d spend the evening with my boyfriend.

I feel kind of empowered about that. Besides, I already said I’d work tomorrow night for them. I think that’s fair.

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