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be more confident

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can tear you down . they try and take your confidence away. i wonder if i would be as confident if i was going out more. i think so because i no longer care what everyone else thinks. thats jr high and even than the opinions of most of them didn’t faze me. i’m an individual and i want to keep it that way.

no one

can take away my confidence. if someone talks trash about me , i ignore it. i believe in myself. i try not to listen to negative people. anyone that tries and put me down is not worth my time and i tell them to fuck off. everytime i do something i didn’t think i could i gain confidence.

i really didn't think i would eat in certain restaraunts by myself but then i think who really going to be looking at me and even if they noticed me eating alone who cares.
knowing answers on jeopardy gives me confidence. it means maybe i could try out.(LOL) i doubt i would but i wouldn't mine appearing on a game show where you don't embarass yourself.

have it

i do have some. i just wish i had more. it not always easy doing certain things by yourself, not because i care what everyone else thinks, certain things you don’t do by yourself or at least most people don’t. i stand up for things when i know there right.


i have given a speech infront of a group of people . i never thought i could do that. i just didn’t think i wud have the nerve. it’s not that i care what they think of me. i didn’t like being the focus, but it wasn’t bad for a fewminutes.


yourself with people who care about you helps me with confidence. the more i do things that i didn’t think or woudln’t have done in the past makes me confidence. years ago i wouln’t have goine to the movies by myself, but now i figure it really doesn’t matter. it ’s dark and how would anyone really know if i was alone or not.


the more i go to places or do things alone the more confidence i gain . if people are looking at me , it really doesn’t matter to me because i don’t know them , they don’t know me any the never will so fuck them if they think there better than me.


most of the time i’m too nervous to go up to the girls to ask them to dance. of course i think most people at clubs are judgmental and superficial . maybe i’ll stop going to them.


i think I’m more confident when I’m alone because then no one is judging me (not that i care what everyone thinks) but i don’t always want to be alone

told off

this exfriend of mine lies to me all the time so i finally let him have it and didn’t listen to any of his bs excuses.


i have enough confidence to do things without someone else but sometimes i think everyone is staring at mee saying he;s alone.

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