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be happy

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itsasecret has written 27 entries about this goal

won at the casino

thanksgivings was alright. i won around $25. i bought the new matchbox 20. i had a pretty good weekend.

going to the casino

even if i don’t win it should be fun

when i'm in a rut

i don’t always feel happy and sometimes it seems nothing will get me out of it. i watch new movies, read new books, ect. it like sometimes i’m happy not being happy if that makes any sense.


is having people read what i write on this website and respond to me and i respond back.

i'll be

happy when the people who decided to hurt me get what they deserve( no i’m not going to do anything them and no i’m not thinking about them, their not worth it)i just want to hear about it because i’m better than them just because they get all these nasty skanks( no one here so don’t be offended)

i just hope some day they're realize that everyone isn't going to putting with their all shit anymore. and if they don't well i don't care that much but it would be nice to see them suffer.

i'm happy

that i have gotten all of the assholes out of my life. all the people who are babies , who always expect me to be there for them , but aren’t there for me.


i almost have $300 from my job. woohoo


is actually have more than a dollar or 2 in my wallet. woohoo i’m actually saving the money i’m making.

i like that website. you can earn send extra money if you join.:) not a make money taking surveys , clicking on links and if you don’t wanna take a survey you don’t have to. if you join use the link i provided.

i like helping people on this website. it makes me feel good and i know it’s appreciated. it always nice to be appreciated.

let things go

that’s part of my problem. i’m not moving as far forward as i should be. one day it doesn’t bother me , the next day it does. it shouldn’t matter to me anymore but i can’t let it go completely.

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