itsasecret in Randolph is doing 25 things including…

read all the books I own

123 cheers


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itsasecret has written 30 entries about this goal

I finished Dark Matter , Return of the King , Mostly Harmless,

Misery , The Claiming of Sleep Beauty and Moby Dick.

Favorite of the bunch Misery.

This is taking forever

finished Theodore Boone, The Regulators, Dracula , Dark Matter and Carrie.

Theodore was interesting though it's a YA book. Dracula is worth reading though it's hard to under stand. Dark was alright.

Another 4 down

finished Prodigal Son , The best of H. P. Lovecraft, Hellraiser Vol. 1 and The Colorado Kid.

Finished Mr. X , Misery

The Appeal and I’m in the of In Odd we Trust. Will probably read Rhapsody next.

finished another book shelf with...

Lolita , the last 2 Dark Tower books (1st series I read with that many books), High on Arrival And am finishing up Rules of Prey and the 3 Stooges Book. Also I finished Forever Odd.

This goal is taking much longer than I thought.

Lolita isn’t the easiest book to read but it’s not that long so if your looking for a classic might as well try it.

next month

I’m not taking out any library books . Will definitely make progrss on my collection. It’s still probably close to 200 but slowly chipping away.

coming up hopefully by Thanksgiving or sooner

Odd Forever , Dark Tower 7 & 8 and Hellbound Heart, short stories countiued to Hellbound Hearts (stories inspired by the Hellraiser universe).

another 4 down

I finally finished Christine (boy it would be cool to own a possesed car) and Queen of the Damned . Also the Dick van Dyke book, I would defintely recommend it, and Still Dead.

I finished Happy Accidents (definitely worth reading if you like Glee or even just like Jane Lynch)

Dark Half and started Queen of the Damned (the 1st and 2 seemed better,but still worth reading. I started Christine and in the middle of Book of the Dead 2. Next up will be Rules of Prey and probably Dimiter by the end of this month or early next month.

I finished Dark Tower 6

and Into the Borderland Stories of Madness I just started Darkfall and soon will read Mr.X and The Appeal I have more books than I realized to read I straightened out my book case so all the books that have to be read on top and in front.

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