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never apologize for being me

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i might not be perfect

but no one is . i’m a good person , at least i try to be. i’m just not going to put up with anyone bullshit anymore.

i think i'll be happier being myself

there’s no more reason to hold back. it not like they hold back with me. so i’ll say exactly how i fell ,what i think.

i don't need to be liked by everyone

i rather be myself than alot of people . i’m not perfect but i think i try at most things most of the time. i don’t have to be a phony. i’m good enough the way i am.

if you don't like my question

don’t answer them , when i don’t like 1 i don’t . if you don’t like what i’m typing don’t subscribe. i’m not trying to offend people but i’m not going to hold back with if someone insulting me.

if someone is pissing me off

i’m not going to hold back anymore ever. they will feel the wrath of Mark. i’m at least as good if not better than everyone else. i don’t have an ego. i’m not apoligizing when i say something wrong. everyone does sometimes.

i don't think i'm better than everyone else

i just don’t wanna pretend i’m stupid when i’m not . i don’t think there’s any reason to.

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