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my new option

thought it’s not the best 1 is enter as many contests as i can and play scratch tickets since the job transition(i think thats the right word) isn’t go as smoothly as i hoped. Of course i still have some hope for Arbella.

I'm still looking for a new job

though i’m starting to get very frustrated. I rather not work with food but i might have to. Maybe this won’t as quick as i though although it hasn’t been that long.

I am getting a better ...

sense of direction by walking. It will probably will get even better when i get my license but i now know how to get to some places that i didn’t before.

I'm going to buy shoes this week

and maybe a new pair of pants and a shirt. I might keep my old job for a few weeks just to get extra money even when i find another job.

i'm hoping this doesn't take too long

get better sense of direction

Even though the insurance didn't work out

I’m not giving up because i’m tired of the situation and if you give up you won’t succeed.

The books are basically done

with my friend’s help. He condense them more than I would have but it works for now.

here's another 1

buy some new clothes

I'm almost done with...

my new list of 101 in 1001 days. I’m not posting until the the current list is over.

I started putting my winter clothes away

i’ll finish in a few days since it’s not warm everyday yet.

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