itsasecret in Randolph is doing 25 things including…

Get 100 flags on my 43T flag counter

5 cheers


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I have 127 flags

but it’s from 72 countries I want to try and get from 100 different countries.

While I would still like to achieve this

I”m removing for now and focusing on finding a job or at least getting some money. My depression has been acting up along with stomach ache and headaches the past few weeks. It time to do something about it.

67 different countries have visited me

They like me they really like me

Glad you came

newest state Arkansas

Iraq visited June 15

3 cheers for Mark

newest country


I have 85

only 15 more woohoo

itsasecret has gotten 5 cheers on this goal.


I want to:
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