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list women little girls should admire instead of symbols of stupidity and weakness

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Carol Burnett

I use to watch the repeats of the show all the time . Also Anne Rice there doesn’t seem to be nearly as many female horror writers and she is definitely a success.

Betty White

she really is funny and she’s smart to have been in the business this long. Her book is worth reading. I use to love her on Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore.

The girl from Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton

Not to give up after losing an arm is amazing . I think i definetly would. She loved what she does and found out how to get around her injury.

Let's see

hmmm I would say Ellen Degeneres . She’s her own person regardless of what others think of her and she’s really funny. She’s not trying to be like this person or that. She’s the real deal.

My greatgrandmother

from what I’ve heard about her. She came over with her sisters toward this country when they were teenagers. She put her family 1st like more people really should. Also my Aunt Sally. She was also so happy to see everyone. She once was going to pledge more money than anyone for something i was doing in school. She even took care of her mother when she was ill. She really gave of herself,

Maya Angelou

she’s very intelligent and well respected and Oprah Winfrey . She accomplished everything she set out to do and her talk show stood out.

I would say

Madam Curie and Lucille Ball she was really the brains behind Desilu and she was really the 1st funny lady on Tv.

to start off with

Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman . I’m sure everyone has heard of them . Blacks have more rights because of both of them.

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