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In the last week I’ve had to pay for:
- a new window to replace our smashed one
- new set of brakes for my car
- and a medical treatment

All of which have pretty much eaten my savings and I’m back to square one. It seems so unfair – nothing I did caused any of these things and yet I now cant pay back my overdraft for another 10 weeks!!


I opened a new bank account with a different bank. With no eftpos card. I can just make payments out of it – I have set up an automatic 200 dollars a fortnight to go into it once i get paid. So far I have 1100 in there. Once I have 2000 I will withdraw it and pay off my overdraft :)



Pay off my $2000 Over Draft
Save $3500 to travel SEA early next year.
Total – $5,500

Time frame – now till feb next year. (11 months – 44 weeks)

Current Savings $250
Deficit – $5250

Save – $100 per week
Make $1000 in overtime/bonus

= $5400


Ok goals for this week:

Bus to work each day – save $5 per day, $25 for the week
Bring my lunch each day – save $15 per day – $75 for the week!

Any day I dont do either of these things I will have to forgo my morning coffee!


SO I replaced my credit card with a debit card – so i have no more debt there.

I have had a VERY expensive month – with xmas, having to pay to get my wisdom teeth out and having to buy a new phone

As it stands i am only 300 away from paying off my 2 grand overdraft.

In 2 weeks tho I move into a new flat so will not be able to make any more contributions to this as I will have to use next weeks pay for bond.

But I am close, very close to being debt free – and then can focus on my goal of saving 5000 dollars this year (not bad while your a student!)

This week I have focused on busing to work (= $8 per day for parking) and bringing my lunch ($11 per day on japanese) which means I have saved $95 this week!!!


Today my “serious saving” account reached $500 :) And I have no credit card debt, I still am 2000 in overdraft which is my next mission, but I am quarter of the way to paying it off. I have divided all of my money into a million bank accounts, it is good coz now everything I have to pay for has money put aside, e.g. I have a “rainy day savings” account which I will use to pay my car registration from next month and other things like that and a “clothing” account which I put a little into each week to go summer clothes shopping – this means that none of those “unplanned” expenses (stuff that I dont budget for in my weekly rent, food etc breakdown) eat into my actual savings :)


So I pay off my credit card, then I max it again, then I pay it again!
And it eats all my savings!

So today I paid it off

And then I cut it up – I feel free


My sub goal, not to spend ANY $ on food this week!


By the 15 dec I should be debt free – well no credit cards, no overdrafts, then just my student loan to tackle :)


Oooo new colours!Yesterday I paid off the $$ I owe my boyfriend and my massive parking fine. I am now saving to go to the snow at the end of the month, and working on my long term savings too


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