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actually learn to play my guitar

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Joining a band is indeed motivating

2-ish years ago, my brother convinced me to be in his Rock cover band (www.360realms.com). Now I’m practicing at least twice a week. I may not know all the names of the power chords, but at least I can say that I can play now. :)

Teaching is a good motivator

I know a little guitar. My husband recently decided to learn too, so I’ve been teaching him the basics, while I’ve graduated onto bar chords and power chords. Learning along with someone you know may help motivate you too. :)

This 12 year old kid is better than I'll Ever Be

But, he reinspired me to keep learning fingerstyle guitar. :)


Move, hand move!

My hand just doesn’t seem strong enough to accomplish bar chords. I actually had 3 guitars at one point, but gave my electric to my brother, who uses it constantly. It has gone to a better home, where it will be loved every day!

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