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La desigualdad de maíz

We have two rows of corn in our garden. For some reason, the two stalks at the far end of each row have grown twice as much as all of the other corn. Any ideas why? Is that just the way it goes?


We picked some of the greenbeans that were ready to go. They look wonderful. I ended up vacuum sealing them and putting them in the freezer. The first round of cilantro has also been ready, and we’ve been using it in salsa. Now if only the tomatoes, jalapenos, and serranos were ready. :)

Something ate my radishes, dammit!

Everything’s really taking off. However, I’m starting to think that I didn’t trim the trees sufficiently to let enough light through to the tomatoes and peppers (back and to the left in the picture. Back… and to the left. Back… and to the left.)

Also, something has eaten most of our radish leaves. Something insect-ish. Looks like tent caterpillars or something. I attempted to make an organic pesticide last weekend with mineral oil, garlic, and jalapenos, but I didn’t strain it first and it clogged my sprayer.

Mad greens, yo!

I can’t find the map I drew when I planted stuff, but most of it’s coming up. I wish I could tell what WASN’T coming up. Here’s a picture from this morning.

Stuff's actually growing?!

A couple of weekends ago, I expanded my original 8×8 square garden to an L-shaped plot about 3x the size of the original. Here’s what we’ve got in the ground:

Two types of lettuce
Green beans
Two types of cucumbers (pickling and slicing)
Cilantro (Will keep planting throughout the season)

We started the tomatoes and peppers indoors as seeds, then planted them when we sowed the rest of the garden.

The lettuce was the first thing to sprout, followed by corn and artichokes.

Next weekend...

...the girlie and kiddo and I are going to set up the vegetable garden(s). I really like the way the drip irrigation setup turned out with the hopyard, so I think I’ll do it for the veggie garden as well. And the roses. And the hanging plants on the porch. :)


A while back, I tilled and removed the gravel from an 8’x8’ area inside the additional fenced area in my backyard. After our recent heavy rains, it’s obvious that I’m going to have to build it up a bit do a raised bed garden. That place was a freakin’ mud pit!


I have a nice fenced off space that will keep the dog out, but I spend most of my time trying to find a good stopping point on the inside of my house.

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