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learn to pole dance


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For over a year now...

Which may not seem long, but for me it’s about the longest i’ve ever stuck to a physical activity. I started to help with a preexisting back injury, and I got hooked. It is just so much fun! My studio focuses on fitness, not sexy, which made me much more comfortable about actually attending classes. My biggest suggestion would be to just try it. Seriously, the worst that can happen is that you don’t like it. But the best, you get hooked, and it is a n AMAZING workout :)


So, I’ve been taking clases for 6 months now. 6 months! I spent the first 3 months (2 terms) in beginners, and I’ve spent the last 3 months (2 terms) doing both a bridging and a beginners class. I started originally after waking up one morning too many in pain because of my back injury and lack of core strenght, and decided that I would start. And, I haven’t looked back. I’ve had one period of bad back pain (from mowing the lawn), rather than the monthly occurence it used to be. And, it is the most fun i’ve had workign out, ever. Because I forget that i’m working out until the end of the class. If you’re considering it – jsut do it. book a term, or a taster class, and do it.


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