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Do first things first. Prioritize!

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Time to start my lists again ...

I’ve been “on break” from lists for about three weeks. But with D. headed for his big adventure, I will have time to focus on other things for a while. What shall I do?

Here are some things that come to mind:

- Recover pillow.
- Finish financial paper.
- Call electrician.
- Call PO for C’s passport.
- Call EKD for C’s appt.
- Do mending.
- File papers.
- Choose photos & take to BF for frames
- Make apple preserves
- Make tomato sauce

I'm feeling really good about this goal ...

Seems like lately I’ve been avoiding procrastination MOST of the time, and getting SO much done! Today was a shining example, which is what has tempted me to call it “Done.” (I can always come back if needed!)

Thursday night I made a list of what I wanted to accomplish this weekend, and then prioritized it by day. I’ve been working my way down the list—it feels so good to see the step-by-step progress! Of course, I’ve done many things that weren’t on the list, but I think that’s okay as it was all stuff that was most efficiently done then and there, and which didn’t distract me greatly from my goals.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, we plan to fit some play into our days, but it IS a holiday weekend after all!

This weekend ...

it is critical that I do first things first. I have relaxed Friday afternoon & evening. Now, Saturday and Sunday, I must commit to getting the paperwork done. I MUST, even though there are dozens upon dozens of things I would rather do, and even though they are arguably more valuable. I MUST.

this a.m.

- haul recyclables
- check time for photo shoot
- gather materials for call
- drive to meeting at VS
- speak as close to first as possible so you can then go to office and attend cc
- noon to FR for foto


Ug. Would like to push the “File” button, but am waiting on info before I can take that step. 5 days and counting.

I've noticed ...

... that’s it’s more difficult to stay on track with this goal when I am feeling well. After several intense months of working on the house project and moving, we are on the “homestretch.” But I feel so worn out that it really takes effort to keep myself focused on the task—I’d so much rather just sit down and stare out the window for a couple days … or weeks!

So, here we go, heading into another weekend! I am going to do my best, but will have to cut myself some slack here and there, just to keep well! Here’s the list:

Laundry .
Make refried beans .
Put away in cellar .
Move the cider press .

Finish sorting and emptying the store room .
Sort the filing cabinet drawers and fit at least 3 boxes of stuff into them. Get rid of at least one box of stuff. .
- Clean the store room.
- Organize the yard sale stuff

- Finish anything I didn’t get done earlier this weekend
- Start on tax preparation
- Fix Q’s computer
- Fix C’s computer
- Have some fun
- Move the GoodWill stuff to my car

The plan for the weekend...

After work, I will:
ski for 1.25 hours .
sort all my clothes & move the keepers .
call Joann @BC

Saturday, I will:
do yoga .
go to coffee .
Move all Q & C’s remaining stuff downstairs .
clean the upstairs bathroom .
clean the kitchen .
host A & R .
set up my art table

Sunday, I will:
ski .
yoga .
sort all my craft stuff & move the keepers .
vaccuum my room .
vaccuum Q & C’s rooms .
finish getting stuff out of the kitchen .
Clean the half bath .
- pay rent and other bills

Next weekend, I will:
- Start by finishing anything I didn’t get done this weekend!
- Finish cleaning my stuff out of the basement; move it to the new house or upstairs for the sale.
- Sort and move items in the entryway and 1/2 bath.
- Empty the dining room. Vaccuum.
- Clean the entry.
- Schedule carpet cleaning.
- Start sorting and emptying the store room.
- Contact utilities & schedule shut off/transfer.
- Contact MaryKay regarding utilities.

Today I really stuck to this one...

Even with a trip to the big city. Today D had his surgery, so my first priority was to be with him. The surgery seems to have gone very well, for which I am thankful. His spirits are good, considering the pain he must be feeling as the anesthesia wears off. While he was in surgery, I ran a couple errands that were on the list for the day, but he was on my mind so it was easy not to get caught up in all the many little things that were also on the list. Instead, I went back to sit with him until I had to leave in order to be home to make supper for the kids. Good day!

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