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make electronic music

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i would like to do a bit of dubstep..
put some lyrics and speeches.. or sunds..
i would like to be able to use ableton from spine.. ok donot egzegerate, at leat a bit more handy way..
i would like to beable to do music for my skirt..

i shoudl seperate some time to this

i have a gem at hand who can teach me what to do .. he creates wonderful music he has been doing this for 15 years. i started already to mess around.. years ago too.. but now with the way he does too.. but too much thigns to do and i did nto reaaly sit down for this.. i want to do many things at once.. i can nto decide if he should teach me french.. i should look at clothes and draw and think about.. i should do interactive installation.. i should do the midid controller.. work 8 hours a day and loose 10 hours a day actually for work..try to improve my career.. or i should just obsess about irrevelant destructive things.. the stupidest seems on the list is done the most.. guess what..

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