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gaiaiag is doing 42 things including…

List 43 people that inspire me and list the reasons why

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reed ghazala

ohhhh myy.. why i have not heard this before.. i was amazed after i saw his bio.. amazin.. he has done all the things i dreamt of.. all my interests which i had been thinking i am a want it all for wanting to do all this irrevelant stuf.. wow.. there is one example who had been doin this.. pfotograpy , music , installation art, visual art, short movies, ohhhh my.. one of his works is a design i had thought of and sketched.. he has done it already.. sound tent…i am goin to burst into crying.. i will read and follow every piece of writing. YAYYY
edit… you know what is creepy . i have noticed i have written about desgining a music gear and listed that in my list.. a year ago.. long before i knew what circuit bending is.. creeeppyyy.. may be if i had been more adventereous i could be another reed ghazala.. but not everyone have the same energy and courage to life, altough they have creative ideas.. thats a pity.. is it changeabel.. we will see..

kevin - eureka

he stayed with me for 3 days i think. we talked a lot. he is on a long journey and left the life he had which he has been saving money for the trip..i want to write beofre i forget

his approach to limits. he does not have to have any sentence like “i can not do that because..”
– i should be chasing my dreams rather than criticizing the situation
- his EQ is very high and i am sure he makes eveyone to love him. i do not know if he is acting, but i feel liked..

- he does not spend money on nonsense things like me so he can do things that worth doing.. may be i will stop buying crap and save money for..
– going to nepal
– alaska
– antarctice
– etc
– i wish i had expressed more. I oppositely feel that i am overrating the situation.. it is ok to overrate. the truth is what you believe if there is no reason to prove that it is wrong

- also documenting silly things.. he was talking about writing and drawing. we discussed about the scenarios. and ideas burst into my mind..we could animate the silyy ideas. now i am thinking of those.. visulas wiritings phptgraphs and videos.. short films about silly approaches to life.. people yelling nad a machine converting it to energy.. a short film ont his would be great.. i want to do it.. if you have a cracked vision of the world you should docuemnt it.. (edit.. oh my why i have not thouht of that before… i was sitting in the balcony smokin then it came to my mind.. how can i make short films i do not have cam i know nothing about it how can i learn.. then i thought if you want animated ideas.. why not computer animation.. i am computer engineer . may be it will be easier for me to learn. i do not how hard is that.. i will check it.. i will sleep on this idea for omse time.. if i still think i would like to do it.. it will be listed in my goals.. but before i have to cross some out)
- the science of sleep .. remember.. first we could not see the end, and was so curios and optimistic about it.. we tried hard to see,and in the end we succeeded.. the end was not that bright,.. not seeing the end and makin it up was better.. you are able to assume it would be fantastic.. it might not..

United Visual Artists

They create installations for stage shows concerts, museums. Their work cocsist of lights, cameras, movement, sound.. There may be artists, electonic negineers and computer engineers behind the work. i definitely bet there must a computer guy that progmram the light and sound interction with the movements of objects. What ever this is something i would be thrilled to be a prt of can be a in smaller scale also . it need not be a whole museum lighted. art and engineering. please, please, can i do this omeday. can i build robots and stageshows and art. may e someday… be it soon.. i have to work on this. By the way they have instaleld something to her etoo. they have come all the way here for bienal and i was not aware of it by then .they installed coloured lighting to a huge building’santral’ the color of the building changes by light. if i knew i would stare while they were working so long that they would have to talk to me.

Jack Kerouc

well i was inspired by his books and read ‘on the road’ several times. i have changed a bit since i am an employee and may be i felt more settled and grown up in passing years. but this has to be listed since the lifestyle mentioned have always inspired me. it has been internalized. although it is not a hot topic anymore it is something alwyas have been longed.

stay hungry , stay foolish - Steve Job

the famous speech and life of Steve Job. I wander if there is any time taht i will direct my life with this mantra.

people i have found in some ieee magazine spectrum

1 Frederic Kaplan – works in EPFL.. he invents futuristic devices … robots, interactive furniture, new forms of computers
2 Gregory Makhov – designs laser equipment for entertainment industry. light shows..
3 Mary Lou Jepsen – had gone under several healt issues including cancer and now produces laptops for children in underdeveloping countries.. she was not accepeted as a professor though she was by chance got the job she was so ezited even she could hardly sleep.

my friend H

the list would not be complete without him. i have known him since 2000. He is capable of everything. always positive to life. always enthusuastic and has a child wonder. Deals with a lot of hobbies and completes whatever he starts. a doer, not a dreamer like me. self confident, just the opposite of me. his approach to life inspires me. in some cases i even find myself thinking how easily he would have amanged this situation, and how he would act. i wish .. whatever.. anyway :)

the unnamed woman

i saw her in the resort we went skiing for 30 mins. she was a friend of our friends. she was so easy going. so relax. naturally beuatiful but not as a common beauty, with her relax distorted smile and freckles and red hair. Not an always chherful type. she was charismatic , resembled a bit like tori amos in “what if god was one of use video “she was the woman that would laugh at the norms dictated for woman. yet she was feminine. she had this less masculine husband and they looked so sweet. she was watching her husband learn skiing and then decided she would teach her because she has been skiing since she was 5. if i were a man , i would be crashed on her. nothing above could tell why i am inspired. i was not astonished because she is an awesome skier. no it is because she is so relax and carelessly beatiful. i am so stuck at the feminity and the beauty that is dictated nowadays and feel trapped in it that she was the sole example of how stupid these norms are. i believe she and her husband somewhere laughing right now and having great time not trying to be perfect.


thw whole package. i do not how i am inspired. but i am paralysed with the work this guy does. his voice etc. his work is astonishing. i love all the music. i love the darkness of the music. i love his voice. the sexy vibe. i love the volume work he has done with V&A. i wanted to do something like that. but mostly the elite sexy darkness of it. i do not know i have tried to put it into words. let me put it like this. i can listen to inertia creeps all day. plan things, dress up , eat, live with this music. something like that..

The T

there is an engineer in the place i work.. we have walked nearly the same path of life. he is a lot older than me. graduated from the universities i have and i consider him an inspiration not because he is an engineer but he is more than that. he has been interested in music for so long. knows a lot about music. has a group which well known . he tours and makes records. he is a professional musician lets say. i adore him being cdapabel fo such a work. partying, loving electronic music, producing rock music ,cheerful, skillfull, an engineer, a technic guy. he shows this is possible to me. i do want to produce music..

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