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Radiohead for Cello

Alas, I didn’t pick up the cello once over the holiday. I was busy, and I went away – the cello is too large to take on a trip. Is the cello really what I want to put my time into? I’ll keep with it for a while, but I think I might want to turn my attention back to the guitar. We’ll see.

While we were away for new years we listened to Radiohead. I had the vision that Exit Music (for a film) would be a beautiful song to pay on the cello. So last night I got the cello out for the first time in a month, and tried to figure out some fingering for it. Indeed it would sound beautiful if I could play the cello well. So instead of doing scales and learning what the strings and notes are, I think I’ll just focus the next week on learning this song :) I find that more motivating than going through the beginner book.

I’ll likely do some beginner book too, but I am too impatient to just stick with that. Patience. Patience. Patience….

Had my first lesson

Last week I took my first lesson. It was nice to get some tips on posture/positioning and how to glide the bow. I’m not certain if the teacher is the right one for me, but she’s nice enough.

Here is a photo of my rental cello beside my Christmas tree. I practiced today and played Good King Wenceslas. Will post a video to Facebook soon!

A Step Closer

Last week I rented a cello and have played around on it a bit. Screech, screech, twang, twang. I bought a couple of beginner books – some that were not really easy because I can already read music and have played the violin in my past.

Today I will get one step closer to my goal: I have my first cello lesson this evening. Before I practice any more I want to ensure I’m starting out alright with correct posture, finger positioning, bow tension, rosin… so many considerations that I really am unsure about.

My question, though, is how do I know when I have completed this goal? What is the end result? I think I will take monthly videos and post to Facebook and have my friends vote on whether or not I can play the cello. A subsequent goal will be to play in some sort of trio/quartet/ensemble for an audience! But first things first:let’s just learn to play.

A Childhood Wish

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to play the cello. I was never allowed though. My parents claimed it was because it was too big, which was probably partly true, but the underlying reason has come out: they simply couldn’t’ afford it at the time. The violin was much more manageable for their budget. So I went through my elementary and high school years with cello envy in my orchestra, while I screeched away on my violin.

Well why not live my childhood dream? I will look into renting a cello, and perhaps take a lesson or two. I am very good at self-teaching myself (taught myself oboe and guitar), but I want to develop good habits just in case this is something I’d like to actually continue with!!!

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