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meditate everyday

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i find myself meditating, everyday, by focusing and just BEING in every moment.. Letting go of the past, not worrying for the future. just breathing, and being, getting centered and grounded. i do this when i start to feel like im floating off, and sometimes it takes more effort than other times.
But i’m going to mark this as accomplished, and I feel I really have come a long way in what i meant to accomplish by that. I’m sure it will take some other form on my list though ;)

had to

Today, i woke up, feelin kinda eh, but have been feeling really great lately. I was still really tired (still am) but just felt like meditating. SO i took some extra time for myself, did some yoga and a little meditation, burned some sage, and felt ready for my day, even if i was a little late to work.
:) I am so glad that i could just sit and meditate, it felt really good. Hope this motivation continues :)


i’ve found that doing this while doing other things works nicely.. though i’m not sure if i’ve been doing such a great job… lately it has been more before or after bed… to help me relax ;) and always during yoga

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