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Finish my travelling diaries

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Started Spain…
Greece, Jordan, Austria, Slovakia, France, Germany to go…
This is getting funny… :-D

A week ago

I finished Provence and the French Riviera. I’m about to start Rome, Florence, Pisa and San Marino.
It’s rolling… :)

working on it

I finished Romania yesterday and started last summer’s trip to Italy (Lago di Garda, Turin), France (Provence, French Riviera)and Monaco. Hope to finish this ASAP :D


I started to write a travel “diary” three years ago, when I started travelling abroad. I write down everything I can remember and put there some pictures and things I can paste or clip: different brochures cards, tickets, maps…
I’ve finished: Tunisia, Split, Milan, Geneve, Paris, Amsterdam, Roterdam, The Hague, Prague,Karlovy Vary, Budapest and I’ve started Romania (I was there in 2009!).
A lot of visited places wait to be put into the book. I have to finish this until 2012!

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