Elizabeth Bickel in Akron is doing 31 things including…

Eat healthy and exercise

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Elizabeth Bickel has written 2 entries about this goal

One week strong on my Workout

Started a new workout. Going to try it for at least 30 days. So far so good. I have so much more stamina 1 week in than I did when I started.


Eating healthy seems to be the easy half of this for me. When it comes to exercise, it is just so hard to stay motivated. I always find myself choosing to do something else with my evening instead of going to the gym. When I do exercise I feel great afterward, but somehow I forget that feeling each and every time. I have to constantly remind myself of how great it feels to stretch out all of my muscles, how physically great it is when the workout is over, and how accomplished I feel after I can successfully stay on my workout schedule for a while.

I think part of my hang up, is not wanting to go to the gym when I know it is busy. Something about working out in a crowded place makes me uncomfortable. I feel like everyone is watching me, when I know in fact that nobody is. I should start working out at home during those times. Maybe buy a new workout dvd. If I can get to the gym some days, and work out at home the rest, I can stay on track and get more accomplished.

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