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pay off all my bills

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i have been in a slump for a while now. it got soo hard that i couldnt do it anymore. i asked for help from my brother and he paid all of my bills off for me!!! and in return, i must cancel ALL CREDIT CARDS!!! save up 1,000 dollars in savings, must not apply for a credit card for one year, and pay him 100 dollars a month till paid off.

total amount paid off= $6,000.00
he saved my life.


i paid off one entire bill, and cut up the card.

now i have i think.. uh.. i dont remember….how many more i have to go. i get lost and confused just thinking about it.


i bought a new car. so i got a 2nd job to afford it. and then when i pay off all my debt. i’m still going to work at my 2nd job so that way i have more income coming in to make more money. :)


paid one bill but its not paid off. just paid the minimum. getting closer to paying them off! :)



i have paid off 2 more cc’ds so i think i have only one more to go, or do i have 2 more???? well, one bill is not a cc’d. so yes and no. i have one cc’d to pay off and one bill to pay. like ticket of some sorts. so, i should be in the clear with all of the other cc’ds. the other 2 things will take me a while. but i’m on the road to success!!!!


hip hip horray!!

this coming friday i will receive my x mas bonus which i will use to pay off either 2-3 credit cards( not sure of the amount i will be receiving). well, i dont want to say pay off the whole sum, i will at least not be overdrawn with 3 cc’ds and pay off the whole balance on 2 of them so i will have like 2 more cc’ds to pay off after friday or i should say monday when the money will be processed.

please cheer!!!


i have 5 cc’ds. i have paid off one just now. i have four more to go!

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