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its so worth it guys – good for you in so many ways too!!


i run. a lot. 4-6miles 5 days a week….and my bro told me the only way i can get any skinnier is to stop running and stop eating. :( i could try….good idea?


big easter dinner….NO MORE FOOD TODAY!

easter break.

sooo…easter break! since ive been eating more ive been getting thinner, but my bones are starting to protrude ALOT. so im allowed myself to eat out one night (not a huge amount though!) and i will still keep up my regular exercise and food schedule over break. so – if i put on a pound or 2, i can deal. one month when i get back from break – and i dont even need to lose anymore.

just gotta keep it up! :0)
good luck guys!!


started eating just a little bit more – and i am losing fat exactly where i want to lose it!!!

apparantely i was not eating enough :/

so even though it is kind of hard….adding just a little bit more to my daily intake is really helping – and i feel a lot better too.

:0) keep it up guys!


so i weigh 105…and i just cant freaking lose these last 5lbs!!!!!!!!!

since i run 6 days a week between 4 & 6 miles, i figure im not getting enough food, so i tried to eat a little bit more today.
but…i need some encouragement :/

perhaps it will just take a little bit of time?


so my heart has been beating really oddly – mostly speeding up – for the past couple weeks….and today i have been really short of breath.

my brother told me that stuff like that happens when ppl have eating disorders….but do u guys think it is anything i should be worried about?

perhaps i should visit my on-campus nutritionist??


thats it. im so pissed off. i feel soooo freaking fat and disgusting from my (barely there) period + eating normally for the past 2 days (since im home on break).
so, starting sunday whenever i get back to school – i am losing 10 more lbs. i weigh 103 normally, but with my period and bloating and crap i weigh 108-110!!!
and im gonna put on a little bit more muscle to burn off.

but i feel so gross right now i just want to cry. i had to turn down a date because of it too :(


this break has totally thrown me off my routine – i excepted it a little bit, but WOW

today i ate a tuna sandwhich, orange, and a few thin mints(cookies).
thats all im eating today, except for some green tea later on after i workout.

...2 more days of break….i can make it…but once i get back to school on sunday – its 1 whole week of intense diet!


i feel like crap.
im bloated – and on break, which means i am at home…and not in my normal routine. so i feel like i eat just a little bit more.
anyhow – other than being ridiculously bloated….im not getting as much exercise as usual.

so far today all i have had is a PBJ sandwhich – and im not going to have much more than that. i just have to keep reminding myself when i get back to school on sunday, it will only take about 3 days to get back to normal.

BUT – i did make it to my goal for my birthday!!! this may sound horrible, but my new goal is 100lbs. i weigh 105lbs right now – so my goal is to be 100lbs by the end of April.

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