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Time Competition

If I am practicing Guitar and taking dancing lessons, there is so little time left in the day. I’ve tried writing on the Commuter train, but often I am too sleepy to think or have to stand. It’s hard to fit a lot of good things into a schedule. Not complaining, just acknowledging reality.

Did some

I started drafting a short story, and went back and started writing individual paragraphs on the different ideas I want to include. They weren’t connected; that is for later, after I refine my wording, if I feel like finishing a complete story, I might just use it for an exercise. I even do some writing on the train to my downtown office. It’s hard, but I guess it is good discipline to keep putting words down even when the setting is physically uncomfortable.


i REALLY DON’T KNOW WHEN I’ll be able to just sit down and write. The House Cleaning project is taking a high amount of time, and it has to be the Number One priority. We went high speed Saturday and Sunday, and we’re both exhausted. Sonia has fantastic organizational skills and mucho common sense.And we are working on a time crunch. She is scheduled for a hysterectomy on June 26 or 27, and the ladies from work will be visiting. Therefore the house has to be ultra presentable. It’s getting there, thanks to her. She has convinced me to throw out a lot of stuff, not as much as she would like, but I’m still tossing stuff that I would have obsessively kept. We have fought and argued all weekend. If we had a romantic relationship it would probably be in shambles, but luckily we are very good loyal friends. That seems weird as I say it.


I am doing an essay/book report and also a very short story. I may do a synopsis of a long weekend trip I took to Texas at the beginning of May, just for practice of trying to put things in order with adequate descriptions.

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