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be more lady-like

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gettinglost has written 4 entries about this goal

Just like my mother...

sigh...I know that’s what my problem is. Ha. “Problem”. I guess it’s not a problem that I’m just like my mother- but I know it’s a huge contributing factor in why this is so hard to nail down.
Now that I am no longer a hormonal teenager- I can see the forest for the trees: I am very multi-dimensional.
On one hand, I have manners. I’m always humble. I can get a good swagger going in a pair of heels and an LBD. I dress tastefully and my hair, skin, and nails are always nice if I step even a toe out the door.
I cook, I keep a clean house, and all of my husband’s friends are polite to me and respect me when they are over. They rinse out their glasses…hehe.
Being ladylike isn’t just wearing lacy, pretty things and crossing your legs when you sit. It’s about demanding respect and decency (in the nicest, most mannerful way, of course)- and getting it, too.
I have all of these qualities. But, my cursing has not become any better…grrr!!
And, there’s also the side to me that wants to play footie on the weekends with a team full of men, and slide tackle them into the dirt. There’s a part of me that wants to forsake heels, and tear up some mud in a jeep on 33’s.
I don’t know whether to give this goal up- or consider it done?
I feel I’ve learned my lessons about being feminine and what the virtues of femininity are. But, on the reverse- I’m still not Audrey effing Hepburn.
What do I do?!

Still not anywhere close...

I’m starting to think I may never be “lady like”.
My friends say, that despite my incessant cursing, I’m always very feminine.
But, I feel that having the desire to hop on a motorcycle and cross the African continent isn’t exactly feminine.
Perhaps I’m not cut out to be a girly girl.
I don’t want to give up this goal, though.
I could curb my cursing… :D's not getting any better.

Apparently I’m coif and poised and proper looking.
What’s not so proper is my mouth. The words that escape it ensure that nobody can come away from a conversation with me, still thinking I’m a lady.
.....I like guns, traveling, I don’t care about pleasantries, and I curse like a sailor.
God have mercy on my soul.. ;)

Act like a lady

It took me a while to learn that being a woman wasn’t competing with men…and that it wasn’t about who was better/stronger/smarter, because we are so very different.
I’ve realized I love lingerie, and that I love the feel of stockings on my legs.
I’ve started dressing more feminine, but, now I’ve got to ACT more feminine.
....I’m going to start with my foul mouth. Wish me luck.

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