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get a new car

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got a new car!!!!! It is a 2007 “liquid gray” Ford Focus and I love it with a lot of my heart!!


at cars yesturday with my dad. Ah they are so stinkin’ expensive, I don’t know how I will ever be able to do this whole getting a new car things. Jesus help me! I think that I am getting a silver or gold 2006 Ford Focus. Still not sure though. Come next week sometime I will have a new car, that is a fact!

I went and look

at a car today…my dad really wants me to get a Ford Focus…which isn’t that bad. The only thing is, is that they have 2 red ones(barf) a gold one(not as bad but still a little gag) and an ice blue one(love it). I love the ice blue one, but it is brand spankin’ new…I can’t buy a new car! And the gold one isn’t too bad, but it is still a little high for price. I don’t know what I am going to do. Well I guess my dad and I will be going out to look at them to figure something out.

P.S. this week has sucked with driving my ma’s car and stuff…it’s a beast.


My car broke down so it looks like I will be getting a new one in the next week or so. I am sad because I don’t have the money for a car yet and I just got my breaks fixed and stuff. But I am pretty stinkin’ excited the I will get a new car.

I drove around the car dealerships yesturday

This make me want a car so bad! I just need to get my finances in order so that I can buy one. Dad still says that I’m not getting and orange car, but I still want one so BAD! I guess we’ll see what happens. Maybe, no hopefully I will get a car by this summer because I don’t know if I could got another summer with this piece of crap that I own.

My little Escort :(

My little Escort is starting to fall appart. I really need a new car. My dream car would be the Orange Grand Prix that I saw at the car dealership, but my dad said that if his name is on the loan and stuuf my car WILL NOT be orange. He has no sense of adventure. I don’t know maybe one day I will get it. But anywho, I need a car, any car. There are a few things that I hope would be part of this new car, just small luxeries that I don’t have now, these would include: 4 doors, automatic locks, automatic windows, cruise control, automatic transmission, a not ugly color interior, key chain clicker thing, cd player(so I can sell mine),bright headlights(so I can see without my brights on), and a real sunroof(would be cool, but not a must have).

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