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stop biting my nails

9 cheers


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Becky Lovett has written 8 entries about this goal

Well, well, well.

This was a new years resolution but what with my crazily stressful Computing coursework over the past few months I’ve bitten my nails worse than ever. Its also exam time, so realistically this isn’t going to be completed anytime soon. I’ll try in the summer?

Oh no!

Unfortunately the end of last week was a bit hectic and i fell out of the habit of putting the rubber band on, without which i ended up biting. Oh well, here i go again! :D


This is going extremely well. Only problem i’ve had so far is me picking at my nails which i don’t tend to notice, so will just have to try and keep tabs on that. Otherwise its going brilliantly, no idea what effect taking the rubberband off will have though! Im going to carry on with this for a few more weeks at least.

Starting NOW.

I’ve finally started the rubber band idea. I’ve literally just started, so we’ll have to see what happens!

From someone else's tip..

michaeltherobot gave a great tip about using a rubber band to snap yourself when you think about wanting to bite your nails. I figure thats an excellent idea so im definately going to try it because everything else is hopeless. Now just to find a rubber band…

*nibble* *bite*

I didn’t realise just how much i do this until i tried to stop! Its really not going well at all. Its not a good thing that the most stressful term of college (apparently) is coming up either.


This was going okay for a few days but today i seem to have been on edge or something, either way they’ve been bitten to shreds. :(


Its not that i want long nails (im a computer dork, i couldn’t cope trying to type like that), i would just like to for once get to the stage where they’d need cutting. I don’t think i can remember a point in my life where i’ve ever cut my nails. That’s over 17 years! It has to stop.. from Monday. I can’t break a habit unless i start on a Monday. :D

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