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be happy with how I look

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SORRY i just dont like myself.. I meAN I REALLY DONT. I am not graciouss.. and im clumsy.. aND i DONT FEEL pretty I just dont.. I mean I want so badly to fall inlove.. but its like have a sign that keeps guys away from me!!! grrrrr


I DONT GET IT.. i mean i see girls that they are not pretty and dont have the perfect body and they have SO MUCH CONFIDENCE.. and I have none.. I mena i try but its like one day I am fine, and then the next day I feel like crap!!! I KNOW U DONT NEED TO HAVE THE PERFECT BODY BUT OR be angelina jolie to feel good about yourself.. but with the standards this days, it seems that u do.. I just want to get pass that AND JUST BE HAPPY WITH WHO I AM.. feel sexy.. UHH IM TRYING im really trying

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