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Getting started is a lot of work

Argh. After all the helpful suggestions people gave me, I got motivated to get started on this. It’s not going so well, though…

I took dthree’s advice and got set up with, which is a pretty nice bookmark manager, although a bit slow-running. The premise was that it would sync with, but I found out too late that it only syncs NEW “spurled” bookmarks, not imported ones.

So now I have a very lovely and organized master collection of bookmarks on Spurl, which is progress, at least.

However, I still face the hurdle of getting them into AND getting them all tagged. I’m the kind of keener who will probably see this through, but I don’t think is going to catch on with Joe Average until it’s more automated.

Also, from where I stand, I’m not sure I understand all the benefits of using I’m pursuing it on faith for the time being.

Import existing bookmarks (IE)?

I haven’t found any information out there to help me automate the import of my existing bookmarks in Internet Explorer (on XP). I have a ton, and entering them manually in is a big enough hurdle that I’d probably just forgo it altogether.

(Please, keep your anti-IE sentiments to yourself. I use IE because I’m testing some plugins and don’t want to constantly run two browsers)

Thank you!

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