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After being unclear for a long time about what I liked and wanted in a home, a very clear design aesthetic is beginning to emerge.

Here are the things I love:
  • white, airy spaces with minimal decorative objects. I want the things in my space to be there for a reason and to look beautiful and striking while they do it.
  • mid-century style. I swoon for it.
  • clever use of natural hues and textures – too much colour makes my head hurt.
  • Oriental influences, especially the use of nature images and patterns.
  • functionality – things can look good, but they need to be functional and practical, too. Comfort is also important.
  • simplicity.
  • personality. I don’t want my home to look like an Ikea catalogue (not that I don’t very much enjoy the Scandi style – it’s just that you can have too much of a good thing, you know?).
  • feminine touches to balance starkness.

I have this amorphous plan in my head that’s going to pull all of this together in our current, tiny bungalow. I’m excited to execute it (although it is going to require a steady eye and persistence). The collage I made above pulls everything together and will be my vision board for the nesting process :)


Wood with Starck’s ghost chairs. Now, where can I find these at a knock-off price?


Ignore everything in this photo except the picture arrangement. I like. Uniform but irregular, wooden shadow box frames (I know where to find some of those on the cheap). Silhouettes, but I wouldn’t necessarily limit it to black and white.

Idea for the space above the armoire. Armoire! What a delicious word :)


Just have to find some digs first. Also making its way into my life will be a white, square China set.

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